Ampol Karen Hanratty's dog cruelty

Department of Health issues. Food Authority issues. Occupational health and Safety issues. An illegal business kept afloat because of Wingecarribee Shire Council's nepotism.
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Ampol Karen Hanratty's dog cruelty

Postby toni » Sun Sep 05, 2021 8:11 pm

While their dog enclosure keeps getting smaller and smaller... and having to walk and stand over their feces that never get picked up.

These little dogs continue to suffer from the harsh 0 celcius climate conditions.

These dogs continue to be fed and watered whenever the hired help, that get paid under the table, remember to.

These dogs need medical attention, but never receive it... have never ever seen a Vet... contrary to what the Hanratty's will tell you.

RSPCA have been called out by numerous neighbours in the past.

Why don't they do the humane thing and surrender them to Wingecarribee Shelter for Animals?
Because they are a tax deduction, under security.

These dogs deserve to be loved and taken care of, by a loving family, in a loving home... not outside 24/7 in a place of business.


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